Read our FAQ and get the information you need.

  • The Museum of Illusions Washington is a 21st-century museum conceptualized to offer an interactive and unique experience that tricks the mind, challenges the vision and makes you question all your senses. The museum is a collection of more than 50 exhibits on over 6000 ft2. All exhibits are based on science, mathematics, psychology and art allowing you to learn a lot about vision, perception and the human brain, but in a fun and interactive way! The concept is both educational and entertaining and it thrills the young and the old. So, no matter if you’re looking for a perfect way to spend some time with your children, an original idea for a date or a unique way to spend quality time with your grandparents – MOI Washington is the answer to all of these questions.

  • The Museum of Illusions is here to stay, this is a permanent setup!

  • It takes approximately 45 minutes to experience the museum. However, we aren’t strict with our visit times, so if you want to stay longer to take some photos or play the Dilemma games in our Smart playroom, feel free to do so.

  • Museum of Illusions Washington is a family-friendly attraction, and all ages are welcome. Please note, minors up to 15 years old can enter only if accompanied.

  • You can buy the tickets at the Museum or online, through this link. If you’d like to plan your visit in advance and be sure to reserve your spot, we suggest buying the tickets through our website.

  • Children of ages four and younger can enter the Museum of Illusions for free!

  • Click here to see the information on opening hours and ticket prices.

  • The Museum of Illusions Washington offers many event possibilities such as the organization of birthday celebrations, corporate events, and school trips. Click here for more information. For all inquiries and questions, please email [email protected] to discuss your group event.

  • Visitors traveling by metro can exit from Gallery PI-Chinatown and walk down H street to our location. MOI Washington is just a 2 min walk away from the metro station. Visitors traveling by bus can take the following buses to reach out location: 70, 74, 79, X2.

  • Visitors traveling by car can park at the CityCenterDC garage located on 9th and H street. If you park in the 9th street section, the elevator from the garage will take you right in front of our location.

  • Our Smart Playroom is a space where visitors of all ages can play, compete and learn. It is filled with Dilemma Games, wooden puzzles and brain teasers, which stimulate cognitive abilities and make this Playroom a true fitness center for your brain.

  • Pictures are not only allowed but encouraged! Our concept is interactive – you can touch every exhibit and take as many photos as you like. We love to see you share them on social media. Don’t forget to tag our profiles and use our hashtag #museumofillusionsdc for a chance to be featured on our social media profiles.

  • If you still have questions and what to know more about our concept, please contact us at [email protected] or call +1 202-993-5992. To find out more about our exhibits, visit this link. We look forward to seeing you at the museum!